Weekly Update: 18 March

I was away most of the week on mission attending the Executive Committee (ExComm) meeting of  GKP. I heave shared my BTOR, which I completed almost immediately will all DGG staff.

I did not mention a few things. One is that ExComm is anxiously looking for funding at almost any cost. One of the ideas that has now become almost a full project is the creation of an endowment fund. Apparently some GKP ExComm members have a connection to Clinton and one of is core fund raisers. They have been already approached and it seems that this person is ready to support this once ExComm approves. However, ExComm members were not as excited about this idea. Instead, they suggested that it should move forward once GKP has a clear strategy and vision -which still lacks. I am not too sue then what has been sold to the Clinton team…

The other big idea if to get GDP involved in project implementation. Chasquinet, a foundation that works on ICT for Development in Ecuador for many years (and was a member of APC), has partnered with COMAGA, the consortium of municipalities for the Amazon region and Galapagos, to desgn and implemented a large scale lcoal governance programme with plenty of ICT components, starting with education. Chasquinet ahs involved GKP and an MoU between COMGA and GKP is about to be signed. GKP will apparently charge 15% for the services it can provide to the project. This is a new role GKP is ready to assume to capture some revenues.

Today I heard from colleagues at PB that Itlay is apparently planning to sue the unused funds from Macedonia to fund JPOs instead.  I am speechless about this one….

While on mission I lost track about the Mid-Term and Annual reports that we were supposed to complete by Monday this week.

Cheers, Raúl

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