UNITAR, Microsoft and UNDP

Yesterday I met with a colleague from UNITAR who provided an update on the relation between them and Microsoft. UNITAR and MS signed a collaoration agreement in 2007/8 and are now planning to expand their joint work supporting Microsoft’s own 4Afrika initiative (http://www.microsoft.com/africa/4afrika/. UNITAR has already explored the possibility of working with UNDP in a meeting between their USG (a former UNDP staffer) and BDP’s Director.

After the meeting, I received a draft proposal from UNITAR which I edited. The version I shared back with them is here: UNITAR-MS-UNDP-proposal-2013-06-27-rz.

UNITAR and MS will be meeting next week in Geneva to make final decisions on the project and the amount of resources MS will bring to the table. UNDP will help to a) assist in developing content for the policy related curricula; and b) implement training of policy makers, government officials and youth at the country level. We can also use our existing MoU with MS to channel resources to COs for implementation.

Cheers, Raúl




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