UNDP at Cyberspace meeting in Seoul

UNDP will be participating in the 3rd international Cyberspace Conference which will take place in Seoul on 17-18 October. More than 90 countries are expected to participate. The Director on BERA will be representing UNDP at the meeting. UNDP’s Seoul Policy Center is involved in the preparation process including speaking points, presentation and speech. The agenda of the meeting is here.

UNDP has chosen to speak about capacity building in cuberspace in a panel where it will be sharing the spotlight with Microsoft and the World Bank. The panel description is here.

I received an early draft from Seoul containing the summary overview of the issues UNDP will be discussing at the panel. This summary needs to be submitted to conference organizers two weeks before the meeting. A proper speech or presentation will then have to be prepared.

Here is what I sent back to Seoul: Presentation abstract.

Cheers, Raúl

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