Think Piece on the relevance of ICTs in the SDGs – Issues Paper

ITU has been providing support to the UN’s OWG while promoting at the same time the importance of ICTs in the post-2015 agenda. This process has been going on for a few months and apparently discussions on the subject have taken place at several fora. I was however not aware of this. So I was surprised when I was forwarded an ITU-led issues paper entitled ICT for Driving Development.

I decided to meet with the ITU rep in HQ to inquire about this note and other related processes. I was informed that ITU has been keeping UNDP in the loop about this. Being that as it may, we agreed that UNDP will be providing comments to the draft. My edits and comments are here. The first thing I did was to change the title of the note  -for obvious reasons.

The key question that a document such as this – and which I repeatedly mentioned to ITU,  is to be well aware that overselling ICTs (once again!) will only lead to stronger resistance by policy makers et. al. in the midst of a very competitive environment where different sectors are pushing their own agendas and priorities, rightly so.  A more strategic document which also includes real evidence will have a bigger chance of making it – while simultaneously avoiding ICTs to be perceived as mere infrastructure.

Cheers, Raúl

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