OGP in South Africa and UNDP

A message from the  CO in Pretoria indicates that UNDP ZA is now working with the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA), the government OGP official counterpart, to support the implementation of the 2nd national action plan and the implementation of several of the 7 commitments spelled out in the plan. DPSA has also requested support for helping OGP global to engage more countries in the continent.

South Africa is one of the 8 founding members of OGP. It launched its first action plan back in 2011  -one of the first but apparently with limited consultation with CSOs. The country submitted its self-assessment to OGP last April and completed a new national action plan over the summer. OGP in turn completed its independent report before the OGP London Summit. The report highlights the lack of involvement of CSOs and non-state actors in the overall process.

The CO has drafted ToR for the potential partnership with  DPSA to support OGP. I was asked to provide inputs which are in the document, here. We can think about using this modality of support for other UNDP COs who have an interest in supporting OGP too.

Cheers, Raúl


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