ICTs and Participation: Update on research in partnership with WB

We organized a one day brainstorming meeting with the consultant working on the hype and reality of ICTs in participation, Alexander Treschel (see http://bit.ly/1dBhKLx  for a short bio). Tiago Peixoto from WBI also joined us from DC.  We received the first draft of the paper 30 minutes before the start of the meeting which did not give us enough time to read.

After very productive discussions we agreed to narrow the focus to the impact of ICTs in public policy making, including public service delivery. We also agreed to use a framework we developed a couple of years ago on the work we did on the particiaption of marginalized populations in public policy making which in essence presents correlates the policy cycle to levels of participation. The next draft will be completed by end September

WB also informed us that the consultancy for the development if the impact assessment methodology will commence in October. A consultant has already been recruited by the bank to oversee the process.

Cheers, Raúl


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