Approaching the Omidyar Foundation

Building on the momentum generated by the Open Government Partnership, the Omidyar Foundation announce last last December the launching of a 45 milliom USD fund to “Make all Voices Count”.  The idea is to provide people, citizens and stakeholders with innovative tools and methods to engage more effectively with governments, both local and national.

In a meeting with BERA and RBA last Friday I learned that the UNDP post-2015 team is approaching the foundation to explore financial support for its activities. One of the areas such team is exploring is the use of new technologies to foster participation, transparency and accountability which fall right down our alley. I must say I was a bit surprised by this new development as I have heard nothing from the post-2015 team.

At any rate, the meeting will be happening this week and BEAR had drafted a brief which I heavily edited. Here is the version of the brief I sent back to BERA: Brief-UNDP-Omidyar-foundation-2013-07-07-rz.

Open for comments…

Cheers, Raúl


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