Weekly Update: 25 February

The first part of the week I spent quite of a bit of time providing support to DGG Directorate on various UNDP draft papers and strategies. I have already posted some of these inputs in this blog.

We participated via video on the WSIS Forum organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP. The meeting lasted 3 hours and I made 3 interventions while I was also trying to attend the DGG staff meeting that was take place at the same time. In spite of concerted efforts, the Forum still had a UN format which makes open participation and dialog a bit difficult. Engaging with non-state actors and stakeholders requires that we can provide a more leveled playing field for them to intervene comfortably. At the end of the meeting I was not sure we did accomplish much. We will see in May when WSIS holds its annual meetings of consultations.

Another UNGIS call, tis one short by UN standards, continue to focus on the upcoming LDC Summit in Turkey and the side event. The dates have been changed to 12 May from 1 to 3pm which is better for us as the Administrator might attend. UNGIS peers are also starting to put pressure on us to take the reins of UNGIS for the next year. This might be challenging as we do not have the human resources nor are we based in Geneva. To be continued..

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