Mozambique III

I am running two days behind due to the digital divide at work, i.e., lack of easy and speedy access to the Internet.

Tuesday was basically spent in two long sessions. In the morning, the mission along with the Policy Commission and UNDP sat down to hammer out the final agenda details. In the end, the issue of e-accounting vs civil registration was solved. First, the mission agreed to consider civil registration and make recommendations at the end of the week of an additional mission to consider the app in more detail and with adequate expertise. Secondly, the e-accounting will build on existing efforts such as SISTAFE and try to integrate if possible.

The afternoon saw the first public meeting discussing the govnet proposal. Unfortunately, few mozambican counterparts showed up and the ones that did didn’t say much. The discussion went pretty much along technical issues with lots of emphasis on backbone and infrastructure. The session will continue Wed morning.

In the evening, the Policy commission organised a dinner at the Clube Navale where we met the Minister of Education and other senior officials working on egov issues.

Ra�l (7am on Wed)

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