Meeting with MOFA on Non-Core Funding

This morning BDP and BRSP met with Mr. Nobuaki Ito, Director of Multilateral Cooperation Division, Economic Cooperation Bureau, MOFA at the Japan Mission to the UN. Minutes of the meeting were prepared by MOFA and are available.

The big idea here is the “unification” of all non-core contributions to a single source of funding. It seems that the drive for this push is coming from a purely accounting and reporting need within MOFA, i.e., simplification of procedures. Under the proposed arrangement, all current proggrammes funded by non-core contributions will still receive support. JWID will be converted into a dedicated trust fund and most probably be a special subset of the existing gender TTF.

Under this scheme, Japan will allocate an amount for all non-core contributions and then distribute them among the various programmes and TTFs after consultations with UNDP. The bad news is that non-core contributions will go down from 11 million to 4 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

The race in on!


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