Local Governance and ICTs

Earlier today we had a good meeting with the LG DGG team to discuss possible synergies. LG is organizing, in partnership with the Brazilian government, a  large event in Foz de Iguazu  where at least 20 UNDP COs will be represented. LG is keen in pushing ICTs and innovation from the start to capitalize on the potential benefits of the new technologies. Most of the work here can fall under the e-governance framework.

At the meeting, we received two pages which depict the approach the team is planning to take to the issue. The team is also planning to initially work in Ecuador, Myanmar, Turkmenistan and Lesotho. And they are also connecting to work with the Ford Foundation to support work in a few cities such as Johannesburg, Cali, etc.

After the meeting, I spent some time thinking about the framework and came up with this diagram:



We also provided selected examples of projects, classified by the 5 categories that appear in the the diagram.

We are still awaiting for feedback from the LG team.

Cheers, Raúl

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