Contact with Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib (OxNov, see here for background and short history: has approach us to explore ways in which we can collaborate.

OxNov informed me that they have an ongoing programme on access to information using ICTs. They also have interest on all the stuff we have promoting here at UNDP on empowerment, given voice to the voiceless, participation, accountability, etc.

The contact at OxNov is a former IICD staff ( who also shares the view that ICTs are better use when they are seen as enablers.

We will initially focus on having a common framework of analysis and then explore the potential on doing some on the ground work in selected countries.

I agree to share with OxNov all the materials we have on the “old” access to information research done  by OGC from 2003 on as well as our latest products which are on the portal.

Cheers, Raúl

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