2nd Open Source Conference in DC


Atsushi and I attended the conference which wnet from 17th to 19 March. The focus of this one was on OSS efforts in the US, Europe and Japan. We made several contracts including:

– UNESCO: possible collaboration on OS, have keen interest. A regional OS workshop in Per� is being planned by their regional office. We agreed on working together on this and be present at the July conference. UNESCO will be hosting the next OSS conference in Paris in late November 2003.

– IDRC/BellaNet: interest in OSS in Latin America and Africa specially. They will probably finance workshops and interested in working with UNDP. The Institute for the Connectivity of the Americas (ICA) is struggling a bit a apparently fully committed for the year. The African connection is managed by Steve Song and has 20 million for ICTD. The programme might go to UNECA. Need to check for OS interest.

– EC: will be funding the next conference in Paris. They have interest in specific topics that will be discussed with the other partners before the agenda for the next meeting is finalised

– Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI, Japan: they are working with OS to support the development of national industries both in developed and developing countries. Not a grant giving programme though and see the role of national governments as marginal at best. Complained to us about APDIP’s behavior in recent OS workshop in Asia and have a very negative impression of UNDP overall. They expressed however mild interest interest in submitting joint proposal to the TTF for Japan’s tranche.

– IBM, talks are ongoing and will continue next week. They have interest in some pilots

– Red Hat: contacted the to CTO, and agree to re-establish contacts for CD distribution to developing countries. Also expressed mild interest on supporting the OS Resource Center concept, specially in Africa. The company seems to be doing well in the midst of the current economic situations

– IDB: they are still just starting to engage in OSS and still need approval from the IT for Dev division. They are looking for examples in LAC of applications in OSS re health, education. We offered to assist with examples from the region and maybe presentation from UNDP to the IT for Dev unit.

We are part of the organising committee for the upcoming conference in Paris and agreed with UNESCO to bring more develping country representatives to the table.


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