Atsushi asked for some rationale as to why the GoJ (or any other donor for that matter) should support ICTD in UNDP. Here is what I sent him yesterday.

Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 05:53:56 -0500 (EST)
To: Atsushi Yamanaka
Subject: WHY?

Here are some ideas as to why GoJ should support ICTD at UNDP

– UNDP expertise in the field since 1993
– One of 6 key areas supported by UNDP
– Large network of COs in developing countries
– Trusted and neutral partner to all development stakeholders
– Extensive programme capacity at the local level to ensure project design
and successful implementation
– Flexible and comprehensive (holistic) ICTD policy framework successfully
being used in several DCs
– Close connections betweem policy and programme
– Emphasis on development goals/MGDs and not technology or Internet
– Emphasis on capacity development and not just technical training

– Japan led the Okinamawa Summit/DOT Force process, Okinawa charter for
the information society
– 15 billion US announcement
– Japan as a de facto leader in the ICTD field thru its various
– Need for improved delivery at the country level
– Need for adoption a mode demand driven approach to ensure the above
– Need to promote ODA results at the national level (ODA is not a
branch of foreign policy as in many other countries)
– UNDP as a critical partner to ensure the above three, no one else can
provide same capacity

More later.

Cheers, Ra�l

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