Weekly Update: 28 January

Although I missed two additional phone call with the ITU et.al., I was able to join one on Wednesday which essentially dealt with the logistics of the upcoming WSIS meetings that will take place in Geneva in mid-May. The call was rather long and not very interesting as discussions centered on logistics. There seems to be too many calls going on within this groups (which includes, UNESCO, UNCTAD, ITC among others).

Macedonia has apparently decided to support the ongoing e-customs project which is strongly supported by Italy. This might be the only way of not losing all the resources assigned to them for the e-accounting project. The issue is that UNDP does not have a lot of expertise in this area.

Madagascar has camoe up with an update proposal for the mobile phone project we are implementing via UNICEF. The programme is moving very slow and only manages to spent less than 15k in 2010. We will see. Bosnia (e-leadership) and Albania are moving ahead in 2011 with ongoing e-gov programmes.

We have spent quite a bit of time in DGG discussion Tunisia. A mission headed the the Practice Director will go out next week. Latest development in Egypt might overshadow Tunisia by far given both the geo-political importance of the latter as well as sheer population size.

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