UN ICT Task Force Meeting



Stephen, Radhika and I met with Sarbuland Khan and Sergey Kambalov to discuss a) ICTD Strategies workshop and b) follow-up to high level meeting of this morning with the UN on WSIS

The TF expressed interest in supporting the proposed workshop in Mozambique and agreed in principle to fund part of it. They have 60k left out of the 150k UNDP contributed to the TF. They do not really fund anything on their own and are always looking for cost-sharing opportunities for all their interventions. The TF also indicated that as of today they have about 300K left for all activities. For the MZ workshop, the TF suggested that a proposal should be submitted to them and include in it potential contributions from other partners.

On the WSIS follow-up, three issues emerged from the morning discussions: digital divide, Internet governance and media coverage and role. We agreed to narrow the focus on the divide and link it with Internet governance from a policy perspective. In this context, policy issues on the information society should replace the emphasis on Internet governance. The goal is to attract heads of state to the December Summit.

UNDP agreed to provide a one pager to kick start the process. UN DPA will take care od the media issues.


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