UNGIS and the LCDs

Below are some minimal comments I shared with the UNGIS Secretariat, prior to the conference call, in relation to the upcoming UN Conference on the LDCs. UNGIS will also be preparing a report for the conference, in addition to the side event it has secure for 10 May.

1. The proposed title of the report related to knowledge societies seems to be a bit elaborated. Please bear in mind that unlike WSIS or any other ICT related meeting, the LCD summit will be attended by senior and high-level people that know little to nothing about ICTs, etc. We thus need to adapt our discourse accordingly. This time we will not be preaching to the converted. On the contrary.

2. We thus need to do some basic stuff. (I usually get asked in such meetings what does ICT stand for, for example). We then need to demonstrate why ICTS are indeed relevant for LDCs. Remember the old PCs vs.penicillin debate. This we must avoid at all costs.

3. We also need to link ICTs to the Brussels Program of Action for LDCs.This is essential as otherwise we will not only lose any audience but we
will also be adding another priority area for LDCs (ICTs or, worse, the Information Society).

4. We need to also link to the MDGs, poverty reduction agendas as well as democratic governance processes and social inclusion. These are key LDC
issues that we cannot afford to ignore.

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