Social Good Summit and Telefónica

Last week we had a follow-up meeting with Telefónica. We are basically working on three distinct tracks while trying to build a partnership with the company. They are: 1. Global events; 2. MyWorld support in LAC where input to the survey  has been very limited; and 3. Building a regional programme where Telefónica can contribute substantial resources.

In terms of global events, UNDP is pitching the Social Good Summit and has requested support from the company to finance a regional hub meeting in Brazil, probably in Sao Paulo. UNDP has asked the company to provide 60k for this event. Telefonica has also agreed to have a session on e-participation at its upcoming Campus Party ( that will take place in London in early September, We prepared a concept note (see SGS-Campus-Party-CN-2013-07-22-rz) which has been sent to Telefónica for approval.

UNDP has also provided the MyWorld LAC contacts to the company so they can start discussing ways of promoting the global survey in the region.

In terms of the potential regional programme, a meeting is being scheduled in Madrid right after the London event with key people from both Telefónica and UNDP. On our side we are pushing to get people from the foundation side and who have some expertise in doing programmes on the ground.

Cheers, Raúl

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