Mozambique IV

On Wednesday morning, the mission heads went to see the MZ PM. The PM thanked UNDP for helping field this mission. No substantive issues came up nor any funding details, luckily…

The rest of the mission started the 2nd work session on Govnet. When we arrived at the the ministry’s conference room, we found out that the room had been locked and no one could find the key. After almost half an hour we decided to use the old credit card trick to open it to start the meeting. Talking about rea capacity building…

The session on ICT use in GoM had a presentation on the above (there are actually 4 reports on the subject since 2000) and the discussion centered mostly on technical issues and real and relevant examples on the bottlenecks faced by the variious ministries in the country, One poposal from the mission was email servers and faxes, etc..This sounds familiar, just like in the 90s.

We decided to leave the session and went to UNDP to strategize for today’s meetings with UNDP. For lunch we met the guy from SATCOM who has deployed a free VSAT connection at the Commission. He told us that they were down for a few days after someone stole a piece of satellite equipment fron the roof of his building! The Commission is not really making proper use of the equipment. The key issue here is capacity both managerial and technical.

After lunch, we met a Justice sector mission to discuss possible synergies. They are working on a 15 million proposal for the justice sector which will be supported by the EU. UNDP MZ is puttting close to two million. They have already introduced ICT related stuff which matches and builds on the ICT Policy Implementation Srategy. They want to build capacity and network in the provinces and are looking to support the civil registration system adding the criminal management aspect to it. They expect to have the proposal ready by March and we agreed on keeping in touch for follow-up.

Email access is still unreliable which makes use of the BLOG difficult. But hey it works..


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