Mozambique II

A series of interesting meetings on Monday with the government counterpart and the Italian delegation. There has been live discussions as to which of the e-gov priorities presented on the ICT Policy Implementation Strategy should be supported. The Italians have apparently disregarded the requests by GoM and come up with a 3rd priority (e-accounting) in addition to GovNet and the land registration system. GoM wanted support for the Civil Registration system, the issue being that the Sweedes are already supporting a rather large e-accounting programme.

In the bi-lateral meetings with the Italians, it became clear to UNDP that they do not have the resources to fully support the implementation of any of the above priorities. The role of the UNDESA TF is just to fund feasiblity of e-gov and the Italian rep in Maputo indicated that there are no new resources to support this. It is not clear to us that GoM is aware of this. And they are probably looking at UNDP so support some of these activities, not sure…

The formal meetings start this morning and will go on for the next 3 days. Friday will see a public presentation of the mission findings and the propossed next steps.


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