Cummulative Report to the Administrator on SL 2.3 Access to Information – 2008 – 2013

We were requested to submit th above report early this week. The actual ROAR reports on this SL are appalling as we usually get very few countries (between 10 -15 per year) directly reporting here. Luckily we have our almost annual mapping exercises and clear evidence of CO reporting to other SLs and in some case other practices. The report has a section that allows for our own reporting and preliminary data from our ongoing 2012 mapping has been included. For future reporting on our SL which will soon disappear as such please make sure you use the text in section 2.

The report is here: DGG-egov-cumm-report-2008-12-2013-03-22; and a pdf version here: DGG-egov-cumm-report-2008-12-2013-03-22.

Cheers, Raúl

NB: the initial submission on Monday did not include a couple of charts that I have now added and resubmitted.

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