Crowdsourcing and post2015

Seems that  crowdsourcing have some become a “third” pillar of the UN-led multi-stakeholder process with Global Pulse apparently playing a key role. A draft proposal has been prepared (it is here: Here are my initial comments that I share with GP and UNMC which were addressed to the communiactions officer of GP.

1. I think we all agree on the need to use crowdsourcing tools and  analytics to be able to capture the many inputs of the various stakeholders.

2. I also like the three layer approach presented in the note. One thing that is important to highlight within the discovery and  feedback layers is what politicians, policymakers, legislators, etc. are  officially saying on behalf of their countries and/or institutions on  different fora the UN included and on different topics.

3. I am aware that data analytics can gather all this info but I also think it is important to introduce this distinction as it can allow to produce not only a crowdsourced report but also allow to introduce additional issues such as the gap between policy makers and stakeholders within a given country of topic. This can certainly enrich the official discussions, etc. as usually there is no one single voice for any issue or country

4. As mentioned at the meeting, we also need to include here the 50 or so national post-2015 consultations that will be taking place in developing countries as well as the 9 global thematic meetings.

5. As I understand from you, Global Pulse does not have the data mining tools and analytics to do this at this very moment. Indeed, you  confirmed that you are looking for partners in the private sector (IBM  was mentioned) to secure this capacity. Let me know if we can help  here.

6. Being that as it may, I am still trying to see the link between the  first part of the note and then proposed workshop. Something seems to be missing in between. The note does say that GP has done similar stuff  in the past. If that is the case, we should then hear from you about the  experiences, good practices and lessons learned, and failures and
outfalls that have occurred while doing this fascinating work. I am  not sure if GP has any reports/presentations/ evaluations/ etc.. on  this. I will love to hear about this. Only after examining this evidence we could then think about meetings or workshops to share experiences and address the challenges  head on.

I am aware that you are busy but ideally we should have a follow-up  meeting. I also hope you have had some time to read the concept note on  the platform.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Raúl

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