Bridge-IT/Nokia Partnership meeting

The Global Support Team (GST) of the Bridge-IT partnership (Nokia, IYF, Pearson and UNDP) held its 5th formal meeting at the offices of Pearson in New York City. The core of the meeting dealt with issues related to the ongoing pilot and the upcoming formal launching of the initiative that will take place in Manila on 16 May (still tentative but looking solid).

Discussions centered mostly around the PR issues surrounding the launching as well as a communications strategy for the global partnership. Also on the table were proposals for a Bridge-IT logo and use of the logos of each of the partners. UNDP once again clarified the rules and regulations issues around the use of its logo.

UNDP has recruited a national consultant working under the supervision of the RR who will be essentially documenting and evaluation the pilot. IYF is in charge of the local pilot implementation and is working closely with the UNDP consultant. IYF will also be subcontracting to a local organisation a formal evaluation of the training sessions which are ongoing at the moment. UNDP suggested that its consultant is also formally involved in this process to enhance the overall evaluation and monitoring process that UNDP is leading.

Finally, UNDP is now expected to sign the existing MoU which has been discusssed at length and cleared with both the partners and UNDP legal.


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