Best Films – 2017

Travel and work got on the way big time this year. Watching films on the big screen thus became a bit more challenging. Here is where online streaming and, to a lesser extent, DVDs come to the rescue. In the past, missing a film implied waiting for months if not years to play catch up. Television was usually an option and one that offered edited films on a narrow (never mind small) screen. Not that I miss those old days. But on the other hand, most film revival houses have disappeared.

New digital companies such as Netflix and Amazon are going beyond film distribution and are now betting on film production. Perhaps real competition to Hollywood backed by big money is finally emerging. Will these and other similar companies disrupt the sector? Perhaps. But the good news is that film production is now increasing thus offering new opportunities to filmmakers beyond Hollywood’s payroll, including international artists.

Anyways, below is my list displayed according to the date I saw them. No rankings here. That I leave to you. Note however that I probably missed a few films I was unable to watch.

Best films:


Cheers, Raúl



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