Bad Back Back

My back is progressing very slow in spite of all the additional medicines I got from my doctor. One of them is a pain killer which helps but it is just a panacea. I know…

Although I can now move around the house (slowly and gingerly ) I cannot sit for long periods of time. And transitions from sitting to standing and vice-versa are a mayor operation as it has to be have to done in slow motion -or else feel the sharp pain in my back and left leg.

I just spoke to my doctor who said that we should wait until Monday. If by then I am still in bad shape then he suggested I undertake some tests (back MRI, etc.). I do have a small hernia in my lower back but it is now apparent that it is not so small any more…

My eye has improved thanks to some eye drops I bought in Bogotá and which I cannot get here without seeing a doctor.

I doubt very much that I will be able to travel next week so most probably I will cancel my official trip with apologies.

I am still hoping I can be in the office on Monday. But I think my back strongly disagrees.

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