Weekly Update – 8 June

The governance issues for the post2015 activities continues to evolve. On the technical side, we have agreed to bring all the different aspects under one umbrella. This includes the platform itself, the so-called crowdsourcing (now rename to open analytics) and the planned mobile app for enticing voting and participation. An improved version of TWs will be used as the backend for the platform and will have an improved and easier to use interface. A meeting of all people involved on the technical side has been called for next week.

Had a quick chat with Intel. They are working with UN Women and are planning to have an event on digital literacy in Sri Lanka in late September. They have asked us to join and even provide use of our logo. I made to quick point to them: 1. We should focus on e-capacities (within a capacity development framework); and 2) we should also factor in the mobile “revolution” and the fact that the entry barriers to using digital technologies have been lower substantially in the last few years. We will see how Intel reacts to these comments.

I spent all of Friday on a DGG advisors retreat. This was sort of a mid-term review. Among the additional topics discussed were: improving cross-cluster work; syncing up the way we work and report in regards to UNDP’s ABP; strengthening resource mobilization for DGG; and working more effectively with BCPR. Some of these issues will be brought up at the DGG staff meeting of next week.

Cheers, Raúl


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