Weekly Summary: 3 June

Over the long memorial day weekend, I managed to hurt my back one again. Spend a couple of days mostly in bed and was unable to go to the office or work on email for long periods of time.

I was supposed to be on official mission in St. Kitts and Neves the day the back incident happened. But for reasons I still do not know or understand, SKN canceled the work at the very last minute. I was indeed very surprised as I never got an official communication form the SKN government. Instead, I got an email from one of the EU consultants that was supporting this activity in the island. For this mission, I have asked e-gov experts from India and Estonia to join UNDP at the workshop. While the expert from India could not secured his participation due to visa problems, the Estonia colleague went ahead and bought a non-refundable round trip ticket to SVN. Now the expert is waiting for SKN to refund the cost of the ticket.

The work on the mobile MDGs (mMDGs) has been painful and moving very slow. Unfortunately, the company we contracted has been a disappointment. And this week things went from bad to worse when the CEO of the company and main focal point sent a email saying that he had unilaterally decided to drop out of this process due to lack of time. I was more amazed than shocked when I read the email which I promptly replied (I put my computer of high ground so I could type standing up) reminding the contractor about his legal and well las moral obligations.

Yesterday I saw the back specialist who told me that I should be fine. I hope so…

Cheers, Raúl

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