Still Bad Back

My back is progressing slowly. Thats is the good news.

Now I have more mobility but I quickly found out that I cannot t sit down for more than 20 minutes in a row. The pain and stiffness are easy reminders as to why this is not possible.

So I decided to pay avisit to the family doctor. The issue here is the long drive to the City to see him plus the waiting time ocne in his office. Oh well, as long as I do not sit while waiitn gI will be fine. Not so sure about the drive.

I have canceled my trip to Spain since there was no way I could be sitting in an airplane for 8 hours or so. I am not sure they bought my bad back story,

Let us see what the doctor says. I am still hoping to be back at the office ASAP. But I now think my back is going to win that discussion .

I am now a bit tired of being in bed most of the time. And I think my family is too…

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