Requests Tracker

14 February Inputs for TICAD5 one deadline. Submitted on 15th after speaking with TICAD FP

12 February – GFM request for cost estimates re GPIV and staffing. Matric produced in sync with Ops Manager.

5 February – support yo youth event with Benin, 14 Feb. MM commkted to support. Meeting on 7 Feb with MM involved

5 February – request from Oxfam Novib for collaboration on A2I and ICTs

29 January – BBComm WG on gender and ICT -mapping of gender initiatives, dashboard

24 January -concept note on youth and social media ECOSOC panel in late March, delivered.

8 January  – Tunisia support for e-parliaments. Mission to Tunis fielded on week of 14 January. Mission report completed

7 January Commonwealth invitation to speak in Uganda meeting

4 January Afghanistan A2I replication programme Ajay mission to Kabul talking points. Same say delivery

4 January Korea fund raising related to post2015 – proposal to Jose Dallo. Same day delivery

3 January Kyrgyzstan egov, replied 4th January, on going

27 December Talking point  ICT and Gender meeting DC MMS. Delivered by 5 January. DD did not attend. Blog published on 10 Jan instead in his name.

26 December ExO Draft reply letter to BBCom Mexico meeting. Submitted by 4 January.

19  December Tunisia e-parliaments; mission going week of 14 January

18 December Costa Rica – FOSS/CCSS presentation

11 Nov Bratislava roster, ongoing ad to lbe launched 24 January

16 Oct  BIH scoping mission. Pipeline

3 July Intel White paper on Broadband.  Initial set of comments sent on 7 September. Not taken into account. Edited white paper 17 January and furnished futher comments

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