Gender Report, Broadband Commission Working Group

After spending almost two weekends and more on the report, we finally got it shape. Certainly, trying to put together inputs from different sectors and actors is quite challenging. It is however possible but it requires plenty of work.

After sharing my additions and edits, the BBComm Secretariat asked about our specific contributions to the report. They were thinking more of a particular section in the report where we could say “this is UNDP’s contribution” which in any case we did thanks to the Gender Team.

Here is what I replied :

  •  A policy emphasis: I have heavily revised the policy chapter
  •  A sustainable development approach and not just economic growth
  • A democratic governance approach to the issue where participation and political empowerment of women are critical
  • A perspective of ICTs and broadband as enablers for development
  • The  innovative solutions that ICT can provide to traditional gender gaps
  • The call for more integrated policy frameworks that go beyond sectors
  • Emphasis on traditional gender equality issues and how ICTs/broadband be catalytic tools
  • A view that access to ICTs and broadband is just the starting point and not the end of the efforts

The edited version of the report is here.

This version was shared with all WG members for comments to be submitted by 2 September. We will then revisit the report, edit and send to the ITU printers.

We also tried to change the report cover of the report by adding a human touch (i.e., pictures of women and girls using technologies) but ITU balked at the suggestion.

Cheers, Raúl

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