e-governance in Djibouti

DGG Director circulated a request to comment on UNDP Djibouti’s plan programmes. Two of the notes address e-governance (see djibouti-Profil-de-projet-egov and djibouti-Profil-de-projet-egov-2). After a quik review and with inputs from Serge, here is our response.

I have received a request from Geraldine to provide initial comments to the e-governance concept notes you kindly shared with us on a national e-governance strategy and state modernization using ICTs, both closely related.

The current drafts address many of the critical points related to the implementation of e-governance. However, they also need to be refined a bit so that we start the process on a solid basis.

First and foremost is the actual national e-governance strategy. A policy document should be develop on an open and perhaps multi-stakeholder basis to ensure full buy in of all key players. The strategy should also be able to identify priority areas of work so that implementation of them is realist, feasible and sequenced.

One essential element in this process is the creation of a e-governance interoperability framework (eGIF) which will allow for public intuitions to seamless data interexchange and provide citizens with one stop shops or windows to get public services and information.

For the strategy to be really effective, it will be essential to link it to broader national development plans and agendas that might have already set priorities on a broad basis. The last thing we need here is to create new priorities in what might be a very crowded space.

In terms of the public sector, any e-gov effort here must be part and parcel of ongoing or planned public administration plans or programmes. Again, this will ensure we avoid duplication but also make sure that any effort on PAR MUST include e-gov.

I am attaching for your peruse, the latest UNDP mapping report on e-gov.

We have also just completed a primer on mobile technologies which can also be effectively used in these efforts and reach even
more people. You can download the report here:


Hope this helps.

Warm regards,, Raúl

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