DGG Post-2105 – Weekly Update – 15 May

Overall UN processes

  • UN announced appointment of three countries to the High Level Panel on the post-2015 development agenda. The countries include: Indonesia, Liberia and the UK

Global Governance Meeting

  • OHCHR submitted the first draft on the global thematic meeting on Friday pm. We are expected to get back to the them sometime this week
  • The UNDP/ILO Global Thematic Meeting on Growth,  Structural Change and Employment started today in Tokyo. However, there seems to be little public coverage of the gatherings…
  • Germany has expressed keen interest in supporting the Global meeting on governance and is also ready to contribute funding. A draft concept note has been submitted to UNDP. We need to make a decision on dates and location for the meeting.

National Consultations

  • DGG Comments to the draft note on involvement in the national consultations are not forthcoming!
  • The Administrator is expected to announce the finalist of countries in the next few days. The list is not expected to change from the one we saw before.

Virtual Platform

  • Intense discussions on both the governance and the features of the platform continue to take place. A meeting with UNDG and CSO partners has been scheduled for tomorrow to agree on the way forward
  • A UNDG meeting has been scheduled for Thursday morning to discuss the overall global governance of the process which will  have a multi-stakeholder basis

Cheers, Raúl


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