DGG data collection (for resource Mobilization)

A few days ago we got a request from DGG dir to furnish data on the sub-practice, including: countries or country typology/regions your teams support directly; number of experts available for country support (including experts from the DG roster);  regional focus, priority countries;  key areas of focus  and challenges; examples  of COs that we supported directly  and have achieved substantive results; practical tools/products that has been developed for COs (developed by HQ for COs and  tools that have been developed globally by CO or RSC governance teams);  budget AND expenditures (combined UNDP/UNOPS); key results achieved 2012 (results as a decrease/increase from previous reporting period); partners- donors; and measuring indicators. And all this needed to be submitted in a few days.

I initially asked DGG to create a tracker system that will allow them to collect information in real time and on demand. I then sent them a few links to previous reports we have already submitted this year (and posted in the blog). Finally, I had to spend most of today’s morning (a beautiful Spring Sunday morning in NY!) writing  this report: egov DGG data report.

The report uses some of the information already contained in the previous reports but it also has some original material.

And we still do not have a tracking system…

Cheers, Raúl

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