Best Films – 2020

Bellocchio’s The Traitor was the last film I saw in a theatre. The film was only playing once a day at 1pm, so an early lunch was required. The calendar said it was the last day of February. The very next day, officials identified the first case of COVID-19 in NY. A couple of days later, the first super-spreader case became public at a location just over two kilometers from home. The person infected had been at a hospital located within walking distance from where I live. Early close calls that fortunately did not recur. Anyway, I sorely miss going to the theatre. That wonderful big screen now looks gigantic.

Undoubtedly, virtual has decidedly beaten the real thing by a wide margin in a year no one could have ever predicted. However, the proliferation of streaming sites has been one of the unexpected benefits of the pandemic. I was able to catch films that in the recent past would only be available close to home in a few months, if ever. I ended up watching a lot of films, certainly many more than last year. However, I failed to identify any WOW films this year. It was indeed a very odd and unique year!

Below is my list sorted by the date I saw each film, followed by films I recommend.


Cheers, Raúl

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