Bad Back Worse

My doctor recommended I go to the Chiropractor. Since I cannot drive a car or walk long distances, I search the Web for one which is locate close to home. I found one a mile away from the house who takes my health insurance.

The Chiropractor saw me Tuesday and said my back looked pretty bad. I sort of knew that, no?. He also ordered an immediate lower back MRI to assess the extent of the damage. The results came in yesterday.

I was shocked.

The hernias in my lower back have multiplied like a virus. Now I have three bad hernias instead of the good olde one and only one. And one in particular is the culprit for the pain in my lower back and left leg. Lower back hernias tend to attack root nerves that we have in our backbone and thus create severe pain. Most people know this pain as sciatica.

At any rate, I started therapy but this might not go away that easy. The are several other options including surgery which I am not to keen to
undertake. But I suppose it does depend on the level of pain vis-a-vis the capacity to endure

Is back surgery in my future? I hope not.

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