OGP Commitments

OGP has asked UNDP to put in writing the commitments it can make to support the initiative in developing countries. Here is what we submitted.

One sentence summary (140 characters)
Supporting multi-stakeholder participation in open government processes that foster inclusive governance in developing countries.

Detail of Pledge
Please be as specific as possible in terms of number of countries, different issues, financial commitments, etc.

Participation, transparency, and accountability are three core pillars of UNDP’s democratic governance portfolio of programmes and projects worth over 1 billion USD. These same pillars are also central to OGP’s vision and mandate. In this context, the work UNDP is undertaking in developing countries is already supporting OGP outcomes, but gaps do exist. Close collaboration at the country level should this be improved to ensure synergies and avoid duplication and resource waste.
Around 35 developing countries that are members of OGP in 2014 are UNDP programme countries. As an impartial and trusted national and global partner, UNDP can continue to help convene, bring together and engage a wide variety of stakeholders to jointly development truly multi-stakeholder national action plans. With close to 2,000 democratic governance projects on the ground, UNDP can help accelerate the achievement of goals and targets established in those plans with ongoing initiatives. And third, as UNDP has developed monitoring and evaluation methodologies and framework, it can help assess progress and impact of efforts on the ground in independent fashion.
Once the post-2015 development agenda is established, and the new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are adopted, UNDP can also work more closely with OGP to ensure action plans are aligned with global and national development priorities to maximize OGP’s human development impact.

Please list any specific countries the organization will be supporting.

In principle, UNDP can support any of the 35 developing countries that have already joined OGP. To date, we have provided direct OGP support in over 10 countries. As we work on a demand-driven basis, UNDP will respond to the demands of local partners to assist in the completion of national action plans and their successful implementation.

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