DGG Post-2015 – Weekly Update

Overall UN processes

  • Revised UNDP/UNDP concept note to be submitted to UN Workig group by CoB today. Document will be available in this space in the UN Official Documents section
  • OGC colleagues attended OECD GovNet meetings and presented UNDP’s take on post-2105. Update from the meeting upcoming

Global Governance Meeting

  • OHCHR was expected to submit draft note on process and partnership strategy by end of April.

National Consultations

  • John is finished drafting DGG strategy for this. Note will be distribute to the team by the end of this week

Virtual Platform

  • Concept note has been updated and a budget added. Document is available in this space in Web Platform and Partnerships section
  • A presentation of the idea to Olav is on the works, followed by distribution to UNDG
  • A mock site for the paltform will be available by the end of this week

Cheers, Raúl


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