DGG and Youth: Another virtual platform for engagement

It seems that DGG, in addition to help draft UNDP’s corporate Youth Strategy, is also planning to launch a complementary virtual platform to give additional voice to the youth. As I understand it, the platform will essentially use multi-media channels to capture the voices of young people (under 25 years of age, in case you are wondering who is young and who is not so young), spread the word around the world and empower youth to be more active part of local and global decision-making processes.

I received a draft concept note for DGG Directorate which I then edited around quite a bit. But I must admit I still do not quite get what is the real value added of such platform, given all the other options around. Is it s a question of platforms or networking? The latter can be focused more on specific content and theme that address core development issues and which in turn can be used to build a global youth community to spearhead it.

Anyway, the revised concept note is here: Youth-platform-proposal-2013-07-07-rz.

Comments welcome.

Cheers, Raúl


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