Back to the Office

So i finally decided to go back to the office today. The plan is to take it easy and reintegrate to work on a paced basis. So I am going to start with 3 days a week and two days at home, telecommuting.

It has been almost a month since my back decided to quit on me. But I will never quit on my back. I am afraid I cannot afford to do that…

The 29 minute train ride from Scarsdale to Gran Central seemed longer than that. Having to be seated for that period of time felt weird and uncomfortable – but painless at any rate.

There was a staff meeting at 10am which i barely made. A nice way to be back, right dwon my alley. I had a hard time sitting down through out the meeting so I took small walks or just stod up and stretched. A couple of hours later I was back in my office trying to adjust to my supposedly ergonomic and expensive chair. I could not get used to it but work took care of this and put my mind out of my bad back.

We will see how this evolves. I am very optimistic and still feel I am going to beat all my hernias. It is just another long, complicated and challenging chess game.

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