A knife in my Bad Back? – Backstabbing!

Given my evident lack of progress, I saw my doctor this morning and asked him for advice on next steps.

He neatly explained to me that one of the three hernias (L3-L4 for those who really want to know the gory details) I have is the one causing the pain on the left side of my back and down my left leg. He informed me that if I did not sit for long periods, I could continue like this forever. However, since my line of work requires sitting on a chair for most of the day, including traveling for long hours all over the globe, this option is not viable.

After looking at the MRI slides and touching my back (he actually located the exact spot where my disc is pinching the root nerve), he recommended I see a specialist/surgeon to consider the options. He also confirms that therapy alone will probably not solve the problem. He recommended a well-known specialist in Manhattan who he knows well. I quickly checked the web using Google, and yes, this guy is well known as one of the leading specialists on back affairs…

I have made an appointment to see this doctor on Friday. If I require surgery, the procedure is outpatient and recovery is between 2 to 3 weeks. More details to come soon, I suppose.

I am also trying very hard to be optimistic about the situation and the future. Every morning, as soon as I wake up and open my eyes, I say to myself: “I have to beat this; I am going to beat this.” And then I have the painful task of getting out of bed which in my current condition is cumbersome and painful. I was never so aware that getting out of bed was so complicated. Amazing…

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