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  • Wiki

    I have installed MediaWiki and started playing with it. The idea is to test it with the upcoming Governance and MDG discussion and measure country demand for tools like this. The link to the site is this one: Raul

  • TTF Working Group Meeting

    BDP organised a TTF manager discussion to address the issues that have emerged regarding the management and allocation processes for TTFs. The first item for discussion was the presentation of the TTF report to the EB in the summer. BRSP informed us that a special session of the EB will be held in September to…

  • ABA/ILRC Meeting

    One of the goals of today’s meeting was to expand the services provided by the ILRC to other practices in addition to governance. Intro by ILRC a) by now they what works and what deesn’t; b)it is a global network of lawyers with local language support; not all Americans and are sensitive to cutural diversity,…