TTF Working Group Meeting

BDP organised a TTF manager discussion to address the issues that have emerged regarding the management and allocation processes for TTFs.

The first item for discussion was the presentation of the TTF report to the EB in the summer. BRSP informed us that a special session of the EB will be held in September to discuss the TTF report. No formal report is expected to be presented for the June sessions. The report should not be more than 10,700 words (seriously!) and should have a summary box front page, the action that the EB is expected to take and the necessary elements and substantive inputs for the specific action required. The report must be ready by 30 May. Although donors are putting a lot of emphasis on the ROAR most TTF managers indicated that it was to early for their TTFs to have

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ABA/ILRC Meeting

One of the goals of today’s meeting was to expand the services provided by the ILRC to other practices in addition to governance.

Intro by ILRC
a) by now they what works and what deesn’t; b)it is a global network of lawyers with local language support; not all Americans and are sensitive to cutural diversity, etc.; c) dedicated focal point to manage requests; d) new service: commentary type of services such as review papers and similar

Presentation by ILRC
a) 50 reqs for assistance so far this year, increasing from previous 2 years;b) close to 50 countries served; c) variety of services (see matrix distributed at meeting; d) now doing national assessments, Vietnam and Mongolia; e) some reqs are delayed to undp process and nat. govs not decidinmg quickly etc. f) there are also some failures,

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